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BigBooster is a unique international non-profit acceleration program between Lyon and Boston, for startups in Bio & Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact.

BigBooster’s strength lies in its structured personalized support system:

  • Around 2  »Booster Camps » which are intensive 3-day workshops and seminars in Lyon for Europe and in Boston for North America.
  • With an international network of top-notch mentors, experts and partners (investors, big companies, entrepreneurs, …) mobilized to assess, accompany and guide the “early stage” startups, and provide them with their expertise

Now in its second year, to continue growing, BigBooster requires the support and engagement of Boosters i.e. experts, mentors and judges who are essential to the program: they were more than 200 to rally for the Lyon Booster Camp last year!

If you are interested in joining the Season 2 Booster Crew by being a mentor and/or judge for the Booster Camp in Lyon (8-10 November 2016) and wish to know more on the Booster Crew and the role you would be required to play do take a look HERE. Alternatively, feel free to contact the BigBooster team at; we will be very happy to welcome you on board !

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